Programming classes are compulsory in our kindergarten for the oldest groups – CLASS 0a and 0b. During the weekly classes, six-year-olds divided into smaller groups take their first steps in the world of coding thanks to the platform, as well as having the opportunity to program a robot – Photon, and create animations and games in Scratch.
During the activities, the children focus on finding solutions to their goals. Importantly, the difficulties that may arise are treated by the children as challenges rather than problems or barriers, which consequently speeds up and makes more effective the process of their absorption of information and development of new skills.

The classes aim to:

  • develop logical thinking and mathematical competence
  • develop social skills, teaching the principles of good cooperation, effective group task solving
  • support children in developing the intellectual activities they use to learn about themselves and their environment
  • develop the ability to use digital technology proficiently and creatively
  • stimulat inventiveness and creativity
  • develop spatial imagination, spatial orientation, visual perception, auditory memory, visual-motor coordination
  • support the acquisition of rules for the safe and creative use of new technologies